telling stories with flowers

Flowers have been used in many cultures across the world to convey messages and to pass down stories and legends from generation to generation.

During the Victorian Era the tradition began to spread, as flowers were used to communicate secret messages. Thus the language of flowers was born, where each flower was assigned a particular meaning or message.

What does this mean in 2018, in a modern era where stories are shared via Instagram, podcasts and Facebook? Well, it means we have another way of telling a story – with flowers!

You tell me a story and I’ll research the individual meanings of each flower to put together a bunch of flowers that capture your story.

I hope you enjoy the experience of hearing, smelling and seeing your story through flowers.

Best wishes,
Storyteller Flowers x

Ps. Check out @storytellerflowers on Instagram (yes, I do modern stories too!) to see some of the stories shared so far.